Do giant lips sink ships?

do giant lips sink ships?-6.jpg

First it was breasts, then butts then lips. When is bigger absolutely not better … and who gets to decide?

As much as I like to think I’d be a good candidate to decide how big is too big, I don’t really want that role. But I'm curious ...

When you see an "after" pic of two out of three female Kardashians and three out of four Jenners, what say you?

Is less more, or is more just too freaking much? Should lips be as big as you want them to be, or should someone intervene and say:

“That’s too big. I won’t do what you want because it will look silly. I’m sure you can find someone who will do it, but I won’t.”


“Personally, I think that’s too big, but if that’s what you want, let's do it!”


“You go girl (or guy).”

Is the customer always right?

Because as a former writer in a cosmetic surgery practice, and the mother of two daughters who are aware of Instagram's existence, I am at a crossroads. Being at said crossroads is spurring deep, thoughtful introspection, but thanks to Botox®, my forehead isn't scrunching a bit as I contemplate this or any other conundrum. 

Which leads me to another quandary: I like Botox, I like appearing youthful and well rested even though I haven't slept through the night since I had children. I do want to look good for my age. I am vain and unapologetic. But, my version of looking good bears no resemblance to a blowup doll.  

So, I gotta ask: Where’s the line? And:

When does the problem cease to be the wrinkles on your forehead and the degree of plump in your pucker, and commence to reside between your ears?

There are so many gray areas and now that young women are making their hair gray on purpose, I am even more confused. I guess this is yet another case of ... 

What other people do is none of your business, Beth Beck, so move along!

I hope we can all love ourselves a little bit more today no matter how big our lips are or aren't ... Hallmark would want it that way!