The harsh realities of reality tv.

I'm the hypocrite who got Botox.-3.jpg

Reality totally bit for the Kardashian Klan this week (or not…depending on how much money was made/lost during the courtship and marriage of Kim K and Kris Humphries.) I would also like to note that I have, in all honesty, had blemishes that lasted longer than the Kardashian/Humphries union.

While it pains me to say that the most important part of the 24-hour news cycle for me yesterday was Kardashian-related, it wasn’t the first time they were my lead story.

Self-loathing aside, I have learned some things as a reality TV junkie that I’d like to share with would-be reality stars:

  • If you love someone, you don’t have to set them free, but don’t star in anything produced by Ryan Seacrest opposite them either.
  • If your wedding is televised, you might not be marrying for love.
  • You don’t have to be on reality TV to travel the world or do a scavenger hunt.
  • There are people all over the world for whom survival has nothing to do with ratings. Sorry, I am getting off my high horse…now.

Reality TV was once interesting, yet 20 years later people are still watching the shit out of The Bachelor.

This leads me to one final conclusion: shallow escapism has no expiration date.