That’s Right, I Write.

Totally creative, but unlikely to go completely rogue, I can write anything, anytime, anywhere. And I swear, I don’t have an ego problem. I take direction well, play nice with others and whine on my own time.


Writing Is For Writers.

Seems everybody has a voice these days. Trolling cyberspace, blogging about their kid’s boogers, posting about their banana bread baking prowess…Writing is kind of a skill, one that I’ve honed professionally for 20 years, and much longer than that just for kicks. I believe writing should be left mostly to writers. I would never offer to perform an appendectomy simply because I own sharp knives. 

That's Right, I Wrote A Book. 


You Need A Writer, Right?

You want smart, compelling copy and I want a job. We couldn’t be…more meant to be! I’m flexible, accessible and available on a freelance, part-time and possibly full-time basis, depending on the gig. Let’s chat. Maybe we won’t even like each other, but what if I was born to write just for you…?


You Fear Change, Right?

Hiring someone is a total pain, and starting a new job is stressful, but we are in this together! If it doesn’t work out because you are mean, (just kidding) we will both be okay. Eventually. 


You’re Gonna Call Me, Right? 

I have never stalked anyone. Stalking is wrong. I promise not to call or bombard you with emails, but you are free to contact me.

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