For the love of dog.


I didn't like your dog whether it jumped and slobbered when I visited your home, or when it pulled itself toward me as we passed each other on the street. I thought your dog was smelly and scary and gross and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why you loved it so much. I was also probably allergic to your dog, too, so not only did I not like it, it literally made me sick. 

My "dog problem" wasn't really a problem until Charlotte. Charlotte is my second born. She loves dogs, any dog, every dog, all dogs ... dogs, dogs, dogs! I knew I was screwed when she began developing a relationship with every dog in our 'hood. 

In addition to the dog-love thing, Charlotte is passionate and relentless—two qualities that will serve her well in life, but two that regularly torture her mother. When I would say "we are never, ever getting a dog" ... Charlotte would never, ever let it go. 

Not-so-suddenly, I found myself in a position where never saying never was biting me in the a** in much the way I always feared that your scary dog would. Once the jerk who laughed when you caved and got your kid a dog, formerly the lady who would shout, sucker! as you walked your dog in borderline apocalyptic weather, previously the friend who'd mock the bag of sh*t you clutched in your leash-free hand 

... you bet I thought you were a special kind of bananas for letting a hairy beast sleep in your bed. 

But then something happened that changed everything: my older daughter got sick. It happened so fast that it took our breath away. We needed something—a good, pure distraction to bring us together. I didn't know it at the time, but that something was a puppy named Blue.

In the midst of my daughter's struggles to get healthy, I met a breed of dog that I thought I could tolerate. I saw the little bugger from across a crowded salon and thought: that is the most magical, delightful and beautiful dog I have ever seen. She, Prim, was the supermodel of dogs. Strutting around with perfect blonde curls and legs so long that her sh*t couldn't possibly stink, I thought: we're getting a a dog like Prim! 

When I returned from Prim's home away from home, Dallas Beauty Lounge, where things are as polished and perf as Prim herself, I told my family: I met a dog today that I think I could grow to like. I think we should get one before I return to my senses. 

Things started happening. I talked to the wonderful woman who was responsible for Prim and she told me we could work on getting a puppy that had the potential to be as easy on my allergies as he was on my eyes. Everybody was freaking out. I was suddenly a hero. I'd always wanted to be a hero!

We got the puppy in February of 2017. My daughter got healthier. I double dog dare you to suggest that there's no correlation between the two. Charlotte also realized her lifelong dream of being a dog owner, which has been thrilling.

But here's what's shocking: I love this dog. His sh*t does stink and I don't care. He sleeps in my bed and I've had to walk him through weather that makes me want to cry. And I love him. 

Now, I even like your dog, too. I might actually like you a little more than I did before because Blue has made me a better person ... and I didn't even think that was possible :)